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    Sacha Legrand by Casey Vange 

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  • voxamberlynn:

    Christina Santini (by Nolis)

    Well, she’s beautiful.

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  • wildernessandweddings:

    In the Cascade mountains outside Seattle. Her dress is from Free People. And everything is just perfection. see here: Laura & Nick 

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    Watercolour Tattoos by Sasha Unisex

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  • -eliesaab:

    Marchesa Ready to Wear S/S 2013.

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  • fuckyeahtattoos:

    Magnolia tree and “be kind” by Alejandro G. Laureano

    "be kind" was written on her grandpa’s handwriting.

    Indelible Ink Tattoo, Eugene, OR

    instagram: @alejvndrogl

  • babbleon:

    Someone should write a story based on these photos, is all I’m saying.

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  • homme—models:

    Sylvester Ulv by Jon Compson - Harrods Man Spring/Summer 2014

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  • romy7:

    Daniel Garofali

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